arlaxton is a village in South Kesteven. It lies on the edge of the Vale of Belvior just off the A607 – two miles south-east of Grantham. The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book and is home to the magnificent Harlaxton Manor. George de Ligne Gregory who held the Manor for 64 years from 1758 to 1822 had a strong influence on the character of the village, leaving a permanent mark upon ‘The Drift’ where he restored many of the original houses. The estate was succeeded in 1882 by Gregory Gregory , who built the new Harlaxton Manor which is currently owned by the University of Evansville in Indiana USA. The University operates a ‘Meet a Family’ scheme which allows American students studying at Harlaxton the opportunity to involve themselves in the local community. Until the beginning of World War I most people in Harlaxton had been employed by the estate which, in 1937, was sold in individual lots.  The village has a local pub named ‘The Gregory’, a village store, Post Office, sports and social clubs, a village hall, church and a school.


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Harlaxton is a Class II entry for the competition with a population of between 501 and 2000 people.  The village has won its class five times in total, in 1995, 1996, 1998, 2002 and 2005. Harlaxton has also come second three times and third three times.



In preparation for BKV in the past, we had a thriving gardening group, who replenished the rose bushes on the main road. Nowadays we have a rota for watering the flower tubs and baskets placed in strategic places around the village and a litter pick organised by the W.I, as well as employing a regular litter picker in the sports and social club area

– Carol Harris